MEDIBEES Meeting/Workshop (July 4-7, 2022 – BOLOGNA, ITALY)
The meeting aims to discuss and plan the activities related to the sensory analysis as reported in WP 6.5 and WP 8.6 and train the people responsible for building the panel of experts in honey sensory analysis

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PRIMA celebrates World Bee Day 2022
World Bee Day 2022 gives the chance for a joint celebration of the scientific consortia belonging to the projects MEDIBEES, SafeAgroBee, and Plant B. The coming May 26, all the scientists taking part in PRIMA projects covering bee-related subjects will meet in one single online gathering. It will be a system of communicating vessels, helping everyone prevent duplications and errors and promote integration and synergy, to the benefit of each and all the three projects.
The project MEDIBEES at the "APIS SILVATICA" conference

The PRIMA project MEDIBEES will be soon presented at the First international conference "APIS SILVATICA", which will take place soon in the very middle of the Mediterranean.

Scientists from that region and other countries will gather between May 16 and 20, 2022 on the Italian island of Pantelleria. That island still keeps a thriving heritage of feral honey bee colonies, making it a perfect environment for discussing genetic conservation, antagonism among wild pollinators (feral honey bees included) and managed colonies, interspecific pathogen exchanges, mechanisms of pathogen tolerance, etc., and finally celebrating the WBD 2022 by signing a document on the safeguard of the feral honey bee colonies.

Our MEDIBEES partner Antonio Nanetti will hold a twenty-minute talk describing the ambitions of our project and how they will be addressed with experiments and cooperation within and outside the Consortium.
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In February 2022, the MediBees consortium met in Amman, Jordan, to discuss the operational aspects of the work package implementation. For the project partners, this was the first chance to gather in person. This highly productive meeting hosted intense and well-participated discussion sessions. On the last meeting day, both partners and stakeholder representatives enjoyed a practical session of sensory analysis of Mediterranean honeys. The National Agricultural Center (NARC) hosted the meeting.

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Resultados do inquérito aos apicultores realizado no âmbito do projeto MEDIBEES-Portugal
Results of the survey to the Portuguese beekeepers

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